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澳门 Macau (Day 4, Part 1)

After breakfast in the morning, my uncle and aunt picked us up and sent us to the Hong Kong-Macau ferry terminal. My mom bought tickets for us and also a bunch of colleagues and we headed to Macau together.


Near the ticket booth. My grandma got so happy because she said this pole made everyone look so thin. Hahaha. Hell yeah!


Boarding the ferry!





Everything becomes so much easier when I learn how to focus with my lens.
I’m not fit for the ferry. I felt a bit uncomfortable on the trip to Macau.  { ; o_

Yaaay! We arrived at Macau! Paid for a half-day tour with a van driver that takes the 10 of us around Macau, and you control when, where and how long you want to stop at each place. : )



Okay I have no idea what’s the name of this ruins.



Ignore the weird hair. -.- Bad hair day haha.


_DSC0369 _DSC0370 _DSC0373

It was raining all day long in Macau. Nooooo…. Going everywhere seemed to be troublesome.


The big statue of the Buddha.Or is it Guan Yin.


Hello,the 12 Chinese zodiacs!

This is the casino and mall called Weng Lei (永利). There is a dragon show and tree show lol I don’t know how to say it but you see, the dragon comes out of this big egg-thingy and it’s humongous and there are smoke, colours and music to accompany this show, and it’s majestic!It really is like a dragon coming out from its lair. Nice nice. If you are my friend I can show you the video HHOHOHO. But it’s very beautiful. And it’s free!

_DSC0379 _DSC0380 _DSC0382 _DSC0384

Me & Grammy.


See!It’s all the 1995’s.Piggies hehehee.



Ooooh.Show’s beginning!

Well, I’m 18 this year, and I can go to clubs and drink and all that already,right? And so I decided to follow my grandma and my mom’s friends into the casino to take a look. I was getting all excited because I’m finally able to enter the casino for the first time in my life while my poor old brother had to stay outside, and my mom, being a mom, of course, had to accompany him outside.

So, I was standing as tall as I could, wanting to walk into the casino, and THEN. I was stopped by the guard. -.- He wanted to check my passport. -.- I was like oh sure go ahead I’m frigging 18.  Even with make-up on, I still look younger than that, you mean? So he said 1995 into his walkie-talkie in some language I don’t understand. And then he told me “You can go inside.” I was like “OK.” And as I started to walk straight, he said, “You cannot enter.You have to be 21.” And at the other side one female security was saying, this way out. I was like, oh I misheard him. I can’t go in. : (((
WHAT!?I’m finally 18 and I can’t go in!!? hell that was embarrassing. The worst thing was that I was too proud to even realise that I was not allowed to enter when the guard told me so for the first time.  Sobss. T_T Even my grandmother can go in. -,-

So my brother wasn’t the poor one after all.It was ME. : P okay fine.ANYWAYS. It means I look young wtf. Self-comfort. HAHAHA.

2013-12-15 11.22.32

So I took selfies with my brotha.

2013-12-15 11.23.37


Emo shot.

And here we are at the St. Paul’s ruins! I didn’t expect so many people. It was sooo crowded.


_DSC0398 _DSC0399 _DSC0400

AHH~AHH~ *angel’s music plays in the background*

_DSC0401 _DSC0403

My mom and her mom. lol.

_DSC0405 _DSC0406 _DSC0411


The street below this area is famous for pork burger,Portuguese tarts, and almond cookies.

OMG. Still, I’m at St Paul’s ruins. Come to think of it, I regret not touching the building. ; (((
Remember Boys Over Flowers!? OMG Jihoo & Jandi. : D

_DSC0415 _DSC0416

I wanna smack my brother for this. >; O


But then again, he was my photographer for the whole journey. And  dontogether with my camera, good pictures were taken in my opinion.If not, I would have to do like , 10,000 selfies that don’t show the background and all. Thank goodness!


Walking down towards the street.






Look at them Ba Gua (in Hokkien). And my mom’s face lol.


Nutty snacks.


Portuguese tarts!


More snacks.



Almond biscuits!杏仁饼啊!!Law Shun Kei leeehhh!?? OMGG yes Law Shun Kei was promoting this biscuits for Koi Kee. His advertisement is displayed on the TV there. Law Shun Kei is the guy who sold Fa Sang Tong (a snack made out of nuts and sugar) in the HK drama-Brother’s Keeper. His real name is Edwin Siu hehe.


Source: Google


To be honest, the Portuguese tarts here taste better than the one I’ve tried in Portugal.Maybe because it has been modified to suit the Asians’ taste.




I think the three people look really cool, eating together in the cold weather, like best friends hehee. : )


So my bro & I started walking on the streets on our own again, and I happened to see this little shop that sells I-don’t-know-what.But many people were queuing, so I reckon it must be good, and the old design of the shop also attracted my attention. Hence, I decided to stop by and line up, just to buy something from the old people.



The queue stopped for a really long time when it was my turn. I was (still) shy to ask how do I buy this.Like, in HKD10, HKD 20 or anything like that. So I just copied the person in front of me, saying I want HKD 20 worth of biscuits. And I think I spoke softly because I wasn’t sure if it’s the correct way to order,and I think the old lady couldn’t hear me.So I had to ask like,twice or thrice and she was like ,”MEH AH!?MEH AH!?” Okay she was a bit scarier than I thought. I feel bad for stopping the queue. O.o

boss face

Finally I got them!Lol the second picture gives me a boss-like kind of feeling. It turns out to be biscuits made with egg and flour and sugar like that,but it tastes really good.And it’s so nice to have something hot when the weather is cold.


Goodbye for now. I shall continue my trip to The Venetian in the next post. I know these travel posts might bore you with all the pictures, and my theme doesn’t exactly give the best feeling of viewing photos, but if you like these posts and read them all the way from the start to the end,I’m truly thankful. : D


Wait up,there’s more to come!

香港 Hong Kong (Day 3, Part 3)

Wong Tai Sin

This is the final destination that we’ve both agreed on. A temple is situated right above the MTR station and it’s really nice. Pictures need to talk now.  : )


Before I arrive at the temple, let me do something sinful first.LOOL.




IMG-20131214-WA0083 IMG-20131214-WA0084

Using panorama.





IMG-20131214-WA0003  IMG-20131214-WA0008

IMG-20131214-WA0009 IMG-20131214-WA0010


IMG-20131214-WA0011 IMG-20131214-WA0012



I just went in to grab some pictures and look around.I didn’t even light up a joss stick and do some prayers. 0.0
And my mom finally texted us when we were about to finish touring in the temple.


2013-12-14 16.51.49 2013-12-14 16.51.53 2013-12-14 16.51.57


On the way home in the MTR, I…I…hehehe.I gave up my seat to a mother who has a baby in a pram.Hehe.Because nowadays city people are kind of, too busy/ don’t want to bother about these little things. I mean, I even saw kids sitting on seats with their iPads and all and no one seemed to bother giving up their seat. Not to show off or anything, but I feel bad to just sit there and look at her trying to hold on to the pram so that it doesn’t roll away or something. And my brother, too, stood up and then another lady with a kid came to sit down.

You know why I gave up my seat?BecauseIgotapicturewithahotmodelandtoaddonmorehappinessIhadtodosololololitisntmebeingnicehahaha.

I AM A MODEL STUDENT. No la hahaha I’m very badass actually. You just don’t see.I can be sooo rude that giving up a seat can’t even help to cover a sin.Okay maybe I exaggerated.whatever.

Time for dinner! At this place, there are a lot of stalls for you to choose your own seafood.All kinds of fishes, shellfish etc. Then, bring it to a restaurant and ask them to cook it for you. : D

This is me feeding the fish that the restaurant owner took care of for 30 years. O.O

feed fish 1


Interacting with a lobster.


Day ended.

Next post, Macau!

香港Hong Kong (Day 3, Part 2)

Wan Chai

And so we arrived at this very unfamiliar place-Wan Chai. So we came down from the ferry and just walked around that very very unfamiliar area, acting like we knew the way. LOL. Okay maybe that was only me. x P But as we neared the city centre, I felt more comfortable because in Hong Kong, the city means….a lot of things. Transportation, food, people, police etc. So there are less worries.

(As I have said in the previous post, the bottom half of this post are iPhone photos okay.)


As we neared the city, there was a nice little park. ; D

Say hello to the city of Wan Chai! : DDD







Okay I think I just randomly chosen a destination while we were about to board the ferry. So…the place that I’ve chosen is The Peak! : DDD And then my brother looked at the map,and realised that we actually need to be at Central because The Peak is near to that area. I should have chosen the ferry that brings us there.Lol. But at least I got to see some parts of Wan Chai. : ) So we walked and walked until we found an MTR station. All we need to do is look for the MTR sign on the streets and follow the directions. So it’s pretty easy walking around in Hong Kong. : )


Look!It’s Chiu Chiu on the left!From “Lou Biu, Nei Hou Yeh”.


Hello again, Central!

We sort of got lost because we couldn’t find where was The Peak, until we reached a tram station and my brother professionally read the map and I was like,”No!No! Oh.”

And finally, after getting a bit lost, we arrived at The Peak! The queue was very long as it is a Saturday and there are so many tourists. I was too tired of queues and I dislike the queue so, I shook off the idea of taking the cable car at The Peak. How does it work though?I didn’t see any cable car wires or anything like that.It’s still a question in my head-whether we are able to take a cable car from there or not?

And so, we just moved on to the nearest place that is suitable for tourists like us, the Hong Kong Park which is just next to The Peak. ; D

Before we left in the morning, my aunt said that she would come and meet us wherever we are to have lunch together. So we decided to just walk around Central while we wait for her to call.  ; )


At the Hong Kong Park!



The snowmen and Santas look so cute omg.

While we were at the park, my aunt called and said to meet her at the Hong Kong Bank. She briefly gave me the directions, but I didn’t know where it really was. But never mind, let me snap enough pictures first then we will find the way.


Nice little plastic strips that allows water to flow.  Simple yet pretty. : )

We had no idea where the bank was, so I had to ask a receptionist in the building we were in. I would say my Cantonese is considered to be good while speaking to Hong Kong people. Aheh. ; 9

Apparently there was no Hong Kong Bank because it is actually the HSBC bank LOLOL. My aunt ah. I’m a tourist she should say HSBC lolool.

Got the directions from the very helpful lady, but decided to go for Starbucks first because I was hungry and drinking Starbucks outside of Malaysia seems cool LOOOL.


咖哩牛肉酥。Curry beef pie/pastry?

I ordered Starbucks in the funniest way possible lolol.With my Malaysian Cantonese:
“Ngo you yat goh Green Tea Cream.”
Bro orders.
“Tong mai yat goh kah lei ngau yuk (softens voice because I’m not sure how to pronounce) sou. ”

She kinda heard me so, phew.
Cashier: Nei you mm you cream ah?
“Mm oi.”   (唔爱)

And she had to ask again because there is no “mm oi” in Hong Kong Cantonese and so I realised my mistake and went the Hong Kong way- “Mm YOU.”  (唔要)
Ahh. She got me this time.


A pretty church we passed by while looking for the bank.


I have no idea if this is a candid shot or just posing.OMG I’m so professional that it looks the same LOL self-praise moment. *+* (\/)

And I had to ask the policemen how to go to the building and they were really helpful.Yes!I talked to the police weehoo!






This is a really beautiful church with the bells ringing as we walked by. C ;




Eeeeeeee!Isn’t this the place where most old dramas about lawyers were filmed ZOMG. : DDDDDDD I was so happy when I saw this!



This is the part where my camera battery finally had to leave so it’s all iPhone from now on.


In between candid and posing. X P I like the vintage feels this picture gives. : D


At construction sites and all the places that are having renovations etc. in Hong Kong, these umm.. bamboos? are used instead of  those metal-ish planks we normally see in Malaysia.

And finally we arrived at the HSBC building.Phew. While we were waiting for my aunt,duuuh pictures were taken. ; P


Eeeee vintage tram. ; D






After a few missed calls, I finally answered my mobile phone and my aunt told me where to meet her. She walked towards this bank while I walked towards the direction she was coming from. Hehe. And, ‘Meet Me Halfway..’

She left my grandma standing outside a shop and she walked to this building to get us lololol. While bringing us towards the place where my grandmother was standing, she introduced some buildings, buses and trams to us.

And…..then.She turned at a corner and showed me the Abercrombie & Fitch store. The design of the interior is beautiful, and different, and unique. She asked me to walk inside and take a look then come out again. So I did and while I was doing so, she explained that there are jeans models standing in the shop and then I saw HIM. The half-naked model wth lololol I passed him and just went into the store to look at the designs and the things they were selling. I mean, how can you stop halfway and look at the model wtf. HAHAHA.

When I was coming out of the store, my aunt told me that I can actually snap a picture with the model.And she was like,”You want or not?You want or not?” I was like OKAY HELL YEAH THIS IS A FREAKING HOT GUY LEMME SHOW THIS OFF TO MY FRIENDS LOLOOOLLL and this is Hong Kong no one knows me LOOL. One of the staffs was holding a polaroid, preparing to take a picture for me but then the polaroid had some problems, so she went off and told me to wait for a while or something. My aunt quickly asked my brother to take a photo using his phone and so he did. WHEEE. For free. If not we’d have to pay for the picture snapped by the staff I think.

The picture was taken and and and I should have taken my bag off my shoulders to have more skinship  wtf HHAHAHAHAH. Okay not really.
After the picture was taken, the model said thank you I think. When I’m the one who should have said it.So I looked to my left,at his face once (and for all), said thank you and quickly went out of the store.   *O*



Found my grandma standing alone in the crowd (hahaha mean daughter and grandchildren) and then we headed to one of the oldest dim sum restaurants for dim sum.


Hee my grandma. : D


Me luuu.

The food wasn’t very good but we just went there because of its age and popularity. My aunt said a lot of celebs came here to dine.
And it was so expensive OMG. I could eat better for like 3 times lesser of the price in Malaysia.  0.0 But my aunt said it was just for the sake of the name and age of this like, antique.

Before lunch my aunt said we can go to the famous Char Chan Teng in Hong Kong called Tsui Wah Char Chan Teng. (翠华茶餐厅)
Since my grandma wanted to head home straight after eating, I had to seize the chance and go to the Char Chan Teng right after lunch!

It wasn’t far, and we walked with our filled tummies towards the restaurant. And ordered the famous dishes…..and ate. Seriously it’s like I forgot how the feeling of full feels like I just kept eating and drinking and eating an drinking. Luul. I almost finished a Po Lo Bun but my brother kept saying how I was gonna grow fat and I felt guilty so I left, like, 20% of the Po Lo Bao. Should have just finished it with that slab of smooth, soft, creamy butter…..


Me &  bro. This time, we were seated downstairs. Hehe.



Oh the Nai Cha (tea with milk), egg tarts, Po Lo Bao here is soooo goooooood. :9  Thankfully they have more than one branch around Hong Kong, so please just go into any (correct) Tsui Wah Char Chan Teng you see in Hong Kong. Wiuuu~!

After this, my aunt asked if we would like to follow her home by car, or take a city tour on the tram that exists only at the Hong Kong Island and not the other side where my aunt lives. Since we’re in Hong Kong already, might as well carpe diem.  Seize the day. The ‘carpe diem/seize the day’ badge was on my backpack before I left for Hong Kong. Also, the ‘believe in yourself’ badge. All bought from Chien Ling as she sold it for the A-Levels charity or something like that HAHAHA. She is a salesperson. See?She convinced me to buy when I was trying to save money. : P And also her partner in crime, Mr Jun Yee.

Anyways, these badges, were for me to believe that I could take the plane and tour around Hong Kong with one of the second-best companions-my blood brother, and explore the city on our own. : )

Although my grandma kept urging us to follow them home because my mom arrived at Hong Kong already but I just wanted to CARPE DIEM LA. And my aunt was also suggesting that we take a city tour on the tram. So yeah,  me trying to be adventurous overseas lead me to continue exploring the city with my brother.

My aunt told us to get on the tram from the HSBC building but we got lost and tired trying to find where it was. It’s like we were surrounded by buildings and shops and restaurants that all look alike omg. So I decided to hop onto the tram at the nearest tram station without knowing where it leads to. It was less scary getting lost in a Hong Kong city because, everything is just around the corner, there are people and I dunno why but I think there’s nothing to worry about.


Proof that I’ve taken the tram. : D

And then again, we needn’t worry because we had the Octopus cards with money that’s more than enough in it. : D

Fortunately, the tram we boarded stopped at the tram station we were looking for, right outside of the HSBC bank. And so…I was satisfied because I took the tram. Never mind it not being a city tour. : D

Wanted to take the big bus back to my aunt’s place but we missed the bus that didn’t really stop. LOL. Anyways, the bus stops at so many places, and we didn’t know how long would the journey take. And we have a dinner to catch. So, we decided to take the safest and most familiar transportation- YES!THE MTR.  ; D

Oh before that, pictures first HOOHOHO.


OHNO.Only one picture at this area because my bro didn’t send them to meeeeeee! And his phone is already gone.On the ferry from Hong Kong back to Macau. Oh wow. I lost count of the phones he lost, drowned in water and uncooked egg whites and all that goshhh. Luckily I asked him to send me these pics before we went to Macau. Being impatient is good at times.

Before we went into the train, I suggested we stop at one final destination before going home. It was on the way back anyways, and so CARPE DIEM HAHAHHA. My bro la, KEEP SAYING CARPE DIEM CARPE DIEM because of the badge.

I shall continue in the next post. Too much of my face already.

Tiny things.

Bought this little metal/aluminium set from a shop in Hong Kong and I couldn’t finish it in one day because I need breaks omg.It hurts my nails and fingers lol.

2013-12-17 10.59.46

2013-12-17 11.02.07 2013-12-17 11.16.51 2013-12-17 11.22.25

2013-12-18 08.15.17

My cat under the beautiful sunlight.

And finally,I managed to finish it last night. There are a few mistakes actually, but the mistake was made at the start of constructing this thingy, so I couldn’t just break everything and fix it so yeah. I’m taking photos of it from an angle where you can’t see the defects hehehe.

2013-12-19 01.01.17 2013-12-19 01.01.33 2013-12-19 01.01.37

香港 Hong Kong (Day 3, Part 1)

My aunt came back from Europe! Yaaay!She’s gonna be out tour guide for half of the day. : D  Better places to see and better food wheee!

And again, after breakfast in the morning, me and bro headed out again. : D   Bus-MTR station- a buffet of destinations lol.

And and good news!I figured out how to focus WHEEEEE! Thanks to an accidental turn on the focus lens (if that’s the name) and then yesss hahahah mwahahaha. And also thanks to techniques from videos online. : D


Getting there. : )


Testing testing.



Testing testing.


East Tsim Sha Tsui

Very near to the Tsim Sha Tsui actually. We wanted to take the ferry to Hong Kong Island,so I suggested we get down at the East Tsim Sha Tsui station as it looks closer to the ferry terminal. So we walked  and walked snap photos of mostly,well,me. : D


And again, we were at the Avenue of Stars but this time,we were at the other end. : D heh.


Please excuse me, but this is my signature pose for the Hong Kong trip idk why.




Famous clock tower.





HERE. I look really happy,right?

I think my brother made me laugh. X D

No.I’m kidding.I was just posing.When you’re at the setting where professional actors acted in dramas, naturally you get the feel and the mood and the skills.tin


HAHAHA I’M JUST KIDDING. But really,I was acting like an actress acting in a drama. : D



“Ahhh!Gao meng ah!Wo mm sek yau sui!!!”

Yes.Here is where actors commit suicide or they just fall into the water by accident and the heroes save them. LOOOL.

We reached the ferry terminal and we had to choose between the ferry to Wan Chai or to Central (Zhong Wan). And because we had been to Central yesterday, so I said we should take the one to Wan Chai. And here we go!


Awaiting the ferry.



Boarding soon!






Okay I friggin look like my mom here. : P


Lol #brosface.





A lot of pictures taken with iPhone because the camera battery decided to die on me during the first half of my trip. -.-



Omg finally we arrived at Hong Kong Island where we always see these buildings from afar and now we’re finally here!And before today,I didn’t know that Central is actually in Hong Kong Island, so… we actually crossed the sea to Hong Kong Island via the MTR yesterday. O.o

Continuing in the next post because…I have tonnes of pictures to show you! X PP It might take a while so here’s half of it to entertain you. Anddddd, in the next post a lot of photos are taken using the iPhone hehee.You determine.

香港 Hong Kong (Day 2)

Woooh!So my uncle’s housemaid taught us how to board the bus from the condo to the MTR station, and from there we were on our own.Me and ma bro. Hong Kong seems to be safe.Really safe. Since I’ve seen it being on the list of the top 10 safest country which I can’t guarantee,but come on, Kuala Lumpur is already one of the most dangerous cities. So, you think about it.

Your Octopus card could be just in your bag and when you go through the machines, just place your bag on top of the card reader and there you go! Take the stairs or escalator down  and lalalala you see the MTR.I don’t know what’s the exact name for it but it’s like the underground train or is that the subway? OMG Hong Kong is really fast-paced.All the people walk really fast,a lot of them on their electronic devices and all that gosh. So bussyyyyyyy. I can’t keep up. The escalator is always filled with people it’s like it never stops omg omg omg. 人山人海。

Tsim Sha Tsui 

First stop, Tsim Sha Tsui! Because this place is famous and very happening,so we decided to come here. : D hehehe. Anyways, by taking the MTR, we just stopped at whichever place that has a familiar or nice or interesting name. LOL. That’s pretty cool. Because we did not have a definite destination.

We came up from the Tsim Sha Tsui station and tadaaaahhhh!! Nathan Road zomg.Oh yeah we walked a lot in Hong Kong because….it’s meant to be like this laaaa.





Typical Hong Kong street.





We were walking and walking until we wanted to cross the road to the Space Museum but there weren’t any zebra-crossings because it was one of those main roads so I was like omg how do we go there.

Bro:There’s a subway.

Me: What!?No!?Are you sure this subway leads us there!?Why do we need a subway!?It’s so near!

“What!?A subway allows you to cross over there.”


“NO.Follow me.”

And so this was called a subway. I’m so dumb I’m worried that might become an ugly bimbo.





Kids on a field trip!They are so cute omg.



So far the pictures are good but then,I was still struggling while learning how to use a DSLR therefore there are a lot of very very very very, like , blurred-on-purpose kinda picture. -.- Saddddd. T_T Because I didn’t know how to use the lens to focus. Whaddahell noobsta here.



This is the Peninsula.According to my uncle,this is the most expensive hotel in Hong Kong. I had to force my brother to snap this picture for me because I cannot bend down due to my skirt. EHHEEHEHH.

We walked and walked and we reached the Avenue of Stars!!! ; D






Left right













THIS IS NICE BECAUSE I TOOK IT. mwahahahah and I asked him to pose hehe.




Ice cream,ice cream.

I wanted to take a picture with the hand print of Jackie Chan but then I’m sorry to say this, but there were a bunch of people who came in quickly and snapped pictures non-stop when it should be my turn. I waited for some time and couldn’t stand it so I left.> : O



Wanted a selca but you see,I told you I didn’t know how to work the camera.





Waiting for the train. : )


Before I headed out, my uncle Whatsapp-ed me to recommend some of the best foods in Hong Kong. Soo, we decided to head to Central (Zhong Wan) to search for fooood. : D But being tourists, I didn’t know where was the place so we just walked and walked and walked until we found a street with a lot of restaurants and there were people queuing outside of almost every restaurant.



Queuing for fooood.

I told my brother that we have to eat McDonald’s in Hong Kong because they have a different menu with like, pork burger. I needed to try that but my trip ended, and we didn’t manage to try because I kept wanting to eat the food that Hong Kong is famous for. ; P


I was so frustrated and I thought there was something wrong with my lens all day long. -.-




Saw a Char Chan Teng (Coffee Shop?) and I didn’t care if the food was good or not I just went in because in Hong Kong it is a must to dine in a Char Chan Teng. Wheee . But the food was really bad lol. I sat upstairs omg. Up.Stairs.


DSC_0181 DSC_0188 DSC_0189 2013-12-13 14.35.57

These are the must-tries when you are in a Hong Kong Char Chan Teng hehehe. By the way some of the pics are taken using iphone so yeah.Don’t blame my BB. : PP


iPhone selfie.

Mong Kok

Next stop,Mong Kok!


I hope these few pictures are taken in Mong Kok. : P Cos I couldn’t remember.Hopefully yes. Okay I’m more than 50% sure it is. ; D






THIS BRIDGE AHHH! OMG OMG DRAMAS WERE FILMED HEREEEEE! I remember this drama where Myolie Wu had big,poofy,curly hair and she was new in the industry and then there’s this guy whom she calls “KAH MING!”  on this bridge omg omg. It was a really old drama though.




; (






Hello I must eat curry fishballs in Hong Kong because Wong Jo Nam ate in Lou Biu, Nei Hou Yeh. X DDDD And then he dropped the fishball on the ground and he was fined by the police LOOOOOL.


A wet market that I must walk into,take a few photos, then come out. x D



The famous Ladies Street (女人街)。You need to have good bargaining skills before you shop here. ; P Nah I just bought cheap little toys that needs no bargaining.Although I tried.Haha. And one stall owner thought I wanted to buy because I asked for the price.She treated me ever so friendly until I started to walk away.She kept lowering the price omg so funny but I didn’t want it at all in the first place and then she started to give me really angry stares wth hahahaha. Nah I don’t mind.I shouldn’t have asked for the price in the first place. ; P









Sigh #2.





Sigh #3.


Testing testing.




And then we headed back.

Sleeping in the living room tonight because my cousin brother is back. Hehe.

2013-12-13 22.23.16

2013-12-13 22.22.06

香港 Hong Kong (Day 1)


Yes I’ve came back from Hong Kong. It was nice, being there,walking and touring around with only my brother and my camera as my companions. : D

On the 7th of the month, my mom,together with her colleagues, went on a company trip to Taiwan. And so, in order to be able to go on a vacation with her, my mom suggested me,my brother and my grandmother to fly to Hong Kong and stay with my aunt and uncle for a few days, before she arrives as Hong Kong on the 14th.

So yeah, you could say I was feeling like some leader, taking my bro and my old and talkative ( 😛 XD)  grandma across the South China Sea (please appreciate my effort.I actually opened up the atlas to do so because I suck at Geography) to another country. WTF I’M EXAGGERATING TOO MUCH AND MAKING MYSELF FEEL ARROGANT. Hahaha okay I was just being dramatic and all. It was actually OK.Although I was a bit nervous at first because I was afraid of making mistakes and ending up in trouble in the airport or something.

But nah,as I revised the thought of checking in,then heading to the immigration, and the customs and aerotrain, and then we would be arriving already etc, it all felt fine because I knew the way.It’s not like I haven’t gone through the procedures before, it’s just me doing it myself this time. And there we go! ; D So I could proudly say, “I’ve been there, done that.”  : PPPP

Phew.Waiting for the gates to open.




2013-12-12 17.06.04

2013-12-12 16.35.13

Look what I found. : DDD Yay Cathay hahaa.

2013-12-12 16.37.51


I would rather feel hungry than full so I didn’t take the meal served on the plane but only took the Kit Kat from my grandmother’s.I hate being on the plane to be honest.Dislike the journey. Bluek. Agonizing. But the destination YES YES YES.

Thankfully we boarded the right plane, and arrived in Hong Kong safely. Heh. My uncle was already waiting there for us. He had been really helpful sending us around, teaching us how to use the public transport, providing us with food and etc. In Hong Kong, public transportation becomes really easy with the Octopus card (八达通). That was what I planned to buy at the airport once I arrive. However, my uncle already bought it for us with HKD100 loaded in each of the cards ! OMG I was so grateful. You can take almost any transport with this card. I’ve done some research before going there okay. ; P  However, Google overestimated the distance and I don’t know. When I arrived, I asked my uncle about the distance from one place to the other and all of them were so close to each other and the time needed is like,at least half of what Google showed me. -.-   It’s okay,I still wanna thank Google a lot for soooo many things hehehe.
Here’s a picture of the Octopus card.Source:google2013-12-12 18.52.33

On the way to my uncle’s home. Wheee~This is the bridge where people in the Hong Kong dramas have to pass by when they’re in the taxis. Hehee. The airport is so close to the sea omg.

2013-12-12 20.09.07

The view from my uncle’s balcony.The condominium is like, a hotel.Very luxurious but the the house is really small.

2013-12-12 20.09.18

After dinner, my uncle suggested we go for a car ride around Tsim Sha Tsui because me and my bro planned to head there for a tour the very next day.And he said we could go for dessert /tong shui at Sai Kung. Woohoo!I was like,YAAAY that’s so Hong Kong.

Some selfies using ma phone while we were having tong shui at this place called Honeymoon in Sai Kung which is more like the outskirts.

2013-12-12 22.59.35

2013-12-12 22.59.52

OK time for my DSLR to shine. : D




Oh!My bad.I forgot to introduce my new family member from Japan:

2013-11-26 12.29.44

: ) Haven’t gotten a name for him yet.

I slept in my cousin sister’s room as she was not home on that day.So…here is the view before I sleep.So beautiful.

2013-12-13 00.42.52 2013-12-13 00.43.08

By the way,no air-conditioner was needed. All you had to do was open the window, and it already feels like you are in an air-conditioned room. It’s so chilly in the morning. >.<

Goodnight.And I shall continue in the next post.Which is coming right up.In like, an hour? HAHAHA.

It Ends Tonight.

It was FIA’s Prom Night yesterday and we were all so high from the crazy dancing and all lol.

Can I just let the pictures do the talking?

I’m so exhausted right now.Prom was a good night,a good event yet bad things happened to me at the same time so let’s not mention that. D ;


Here is me being Asian because we were in a hotel room LOL.





Laid-out prom dresses.


2013-12-07 19.09.22

All set!


Me,Lenna & Neva. ; DDD



With Bridget & Naomi. ; D



With Kah Kit. ; D



Mei Kee. : D



Madeleine. : D

2013-12-07 20.06.28


Yaaay Chinese wedding food lol.



Girls acting like they dru-u-unk. X DD Cos we said we wanted to take pictures looking like we’re “drunk”.




With Tommy. Before we took this picture:

Me: Let’s take picture! Would your girlfriend mind?

Tommy: Nah she doesn’t.

She looks really sweet in person omg,



With one of my favourite lecturers,Ms Michelle. : D



Xiao Wei who looks like a Greek goddess. : D



Them. : P

2013-12-07 22.33.49

Us. ; D



Random dancing. Haaaaaiigh.





Our legs hurt too much in those heels.HEELS OFF, PLEASE!



Another one of my favourite lecturer, Mr Izzat! : D and Alesssaaaa.



With De Yi & Vyvyan. : D



With Kah Kit.

*coughs* something different in the picture…. ; P


Post-prom high-ness.







2013-12-08 00.34.29

Oh yeah ,the lucky number on my ticket was called so I won thessseeee!

2013-12-08 00.31.00

Heading out to buy supper for midnight! ; DDD


2013-12-08 01.11.56



2013-12-08 09.56.30

Dim sum breakfast in the morning. : DD


That’s the end.Highest first prom night ever LOLOLOL.